HTML_BASIC render-kit
component-family: javax.faces.Output renderer-type: javax.faces.CompositeFacet

Renders a facet at this particular point in the composite component VDL page.

Decode Behavior

Encode Behavior

encodeBegin() and encodeEnd() must take no action for this renderer. Due to the specification of the <composite:insertChildren> tag handler, the component passed to the encodeChildern() method of this renderer will be the component with component-family javax.faces.Output and renderer-type equal to the one for this renderer. The implementation of encodeChildren(), must obtain the component attribute value under the key given by the value of the symbolic constant UIComponent.FACETS_KEY from the attributes map of the argument component. If not found, throw IOException. This value is referred to as "facetName" for discission. Find the closest ancestor composite component in which the argument component is nested. If no such component can be found, thow IOException. Otherwise, get the facet whose name is "facetName". If found call encodeAll() on the facet.

This renderer is not responsible for rendering its children.

This renderer-type has no attributes

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