HTML_BASIC render-kit
component-family: javax.faces.Output renderer-type: javax.faces.Text

If the "styleClass", "style", "dir" or "lang" attributes are present, render a "span" element. If the "styleClass" attribute is present, render its value as the value of the "class" attribute. If the "style" attribute is present, convey it unmodified. If the "escape" attribute is not present, or it is present and its value is "true" all angle brackets should be converted to the ampersand xx semicolon syntax when rendering the value of the "value" attribute as the value of the component. If the "escape" attribute is present and is "false" the value of the component should be rendered as text without escaping.

If this element has children, they must be ignored by default. Implementions may provide a configuration option that allows this element to render its children.

This renderer is not responsible for rendering its children.


Attributes with a ignored-by-renderer value of true are not interpreted by the renderer and are conveyed straight to the rendered markup, without checking for validity. Attributes with a ignored-by-renderer value of false are interpreted by the renderer, and may or may not be checked for validity by the renderer.

attribute-name ignored-by-renderer attribute-class description default-value
 dir true java.lang.String Direction indication for text that does not inherit directionality. Valid values are "LTR" (left-to-right) and "RTL" (right-to-left). These attributes are case sensitive when rendering to XHTML, so care must be taken to have the correct case. undefined
 escape false boolean Flag indicating that characters that are sensitive in HTML and XML markup must be escaped. This flag is set to "true" by default. true
 lang true java.lang.String Code describing the language used in the generated markup for this component. undefined
 role true java.lang.String

Per the WAI-ARIA spec and its relationship to HTML5 (Section title ARIA Role Attriubute), every HTML element may have a "role" attribute whose value must be passed through unmodified on the element on which it is declared in the final rendered markup. The attribute, if specified, must have a value that is a string literal that is, or an EL Expression that evaluates to, a set of space-separated tokens representing the various WAI-ARIA roles that the element belongs to.

It is the page author's responsibility to ensure that the user agent is capable of correctly interpreting the value of this attribute.

 style true java.lang.String CSS style(s) to be applied when this component is rendered. undefined
 styleClass false java.lang.String Space-separated list of CSS style class(es) to be applied when this element is rendered. This value must be passed through as the "class" attribute on generated markup. undefined
 title true java.lang.String Advisory title information about markup elements generated for this component. undefined

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