HTML_BASIC render-kit
component-family: javax.faces.Output renderer-type: javax.faces.resource.Stylesheet

Render the markup for a <link> element that renders the style Resource specified by the optional name and library attributes.

Decode Behavior

Encode Behavior

This renderer is responsible for rendering its children.


Attributes with a ignored-by-renderer value of true are not interpreted by the renderer and are conveyed straight to the rendered markup, without checking for validity. Attributes with a ignored-by-renderer value of false are interpreted by the renderer, and may or may not be checked for validity by the renderer.

attribute-name ignored-by-renderer attribute-class description default-value
 library false java.lang.String

The libraryName for this resource.

 media false java.lang.String

The media type for this stylesheet. For example, media="screen" would cause the resource to be rendered with the media attribute of the link set to screen.

 name false java.lang.String

The resourceName for this resource.

This attribute is required if the stylesheet is NOT inline.


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