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Project GlassFish creates reference implementation of Java EE, or Java Enterprise Edition, and most of the component technologies. Java EE is the industry standard for enterprise Java computing and is widely used in a wide range of industries.

Java EE 8

The Java EE 8 platform builds on the Java EE 7 platform and is released in September 2017. Java EE 8 is focused on modernization and simplification of the platform, key additions include:

  • A new portable Security API
  • Enhanced JSON support including a new JSON binding API
  • A new REST Reactive Client API
  • Asynchronous CDI Events
  • Servlet 4.0 API with HTTP/2 support
  • Server-Sent Events support (Client & Server-side)
  • New standard constraints added to Bean Validation
  • Support for Java SE 8 new capabilities (ex. Date & Time API, Streams API, annotations enhancements, …)
Specifications JSR RI
Java Platform Enterprise Edition 8 JSR 366 Download
Java Platform Enterprise Edition 8 Web Profile JSR 366 Download

The updated platform contains several major new specifications (for example, WebSocket) and updates to other specifications.

Web Application Technologies

Specifications JSR RI
Java Servlet 4.0 JSR 369 Download
JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.3 JSR 372 Link
Java API for WebSocket 1.1 (MR completed Aug. 2014) JSR 356 Download
Java API for JSON Binding (JSON B) 1.0 JSR 367 Link
Java API for JSON Processing 1.1 JSR 374 Download
Expression Language 3.0 JSR 341 Download
JavaServer Pages 2.3 JSR 245 Download
Standard Tag Library for JavaServer Pages JSR 52 Download
Debugging Support for Other Languages 1.0 JSR 45 Download

Web Services Technologies

Specifications JSR RI
Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) 2.1 JSR 370 Download
Java API for XML-Based Web Services (JAX-WS) 2.3 (MR completed Aug. 2017) JSR 224 Link
Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) 2.2 JSR 222 Link
Enterprise Web Services 1.3 JSR 109 Download
Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform JSR 181 Link
Java API for XML-Based RPC (JAX-RPC) 1.1 (optional) JSR 101 Download
Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) 1.0 (optional) JSR 93 Download

Enterprise Application Technologies

Specifications JSR RI
Java Message Service (JMS) 2.0 – The stand-alone JMS 2.0 RI is available from this link. JSR 343 Download
Batch Applications for the Java Platform 1.0 JSR 352 Link
Concurrency Utilities for Java EE 1.0 JSR 236 Download
Enterprise JavaBeans 3.2 JSR 345 Download
Java Persistence 2.2 (MR Completed May 2017) JSR 338 Link
Bean Validation 2.0 JSR 380 Link
Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) for Java 2.0 JSR 365 Link
Dependency Injection for Java 1.0 JSR 330 Link
Java EE Connector Architecture 1.7 JSR 322 Download
Java Transaction API (JTA) 1.2 JSR 907 Download
Common Annotations for the Java Platform 1.3 (MR Completed July 2016) JSR 250 Download
JavaMail 1.6 (MR completed Aug. 2017) JSR 919 Link

Management and Security Technologies

Specifications JSR RI
Java EE Security API 1.0 JSR 375 Download
Java Authentication Service Provider Interface for Containers 1.1 JSR 196 Download
Java Authorization Contract for Containers 1.5 JSR 115 Download
J2EE Management 1.1 JSR 77 Download
Java EE Application Deployment 1.2 (optional) JSR 88 Download

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