JavaMail Reference Implementation

Yahoo! Mail

This page is currently a placeholder for describing hints and tips for using JavaMail with Yahoo! Mail. Basic Yahoo! Mail usage information can be found in the JavaMail FAQ.

See also the Wikipedia page on Yahoo! Mail for information about accessing the Yahoo! Mail IMAP server. I’ve just added a feature to JavaMail to enable Yahoo! Mail IMAP server support - set the property “” to “1”. As of 3/19/2015, this no longer seems to be necessary.

On 3/12/2015 a user reported that using the JavaMail equivalent of UID FETCH X:Y (UID) where X is greater than any existing UID in the folder never returns.

As of 8/19/2015, Yahoo Mail doesn’t handle some IMAP SEARCH terms correctly. For example, the NOT term seems to be completely ignored.