JMS (Java Message Service) Specification

JSR 368 Expert group nominations

This page relates to JSR 368 (JMS 2.1) which has been withdrawn. It is retained here as a historical record and in case it proves useful to a future JMS expert group. The JSR 368 expert group is no longer in operation and applications are not invited.

This page lists all the applications which have been made to join the JSR 368 expert group.

Applications have to be approved by both the Specification Lead and by the JCP administrators. The JCP administrators check that the application is a member of the JCP, that the necessary legal agreements are in place, and that there are no other legal impediments

If the sole reason for rejection is that the applicant hasn’t provided the necessary legal agreements then the applicant is welcome to rectify this.

List of nominations

Date of application Name (and affiliation, if appropriate) of applicant Spec lead decision PMO decision Result
29 Aug 2014 Seunghoon Han, representing TmaxSoft Yes Yes Accepted
24 Sep 2014 Rüdiger zu Dohna Yes Yes Accepted
27 Sep 2014 Viquar Khan Yes Yes Accepted
6 Oct 2014 Clebert Suconic, representing Red Hat Yes Yes Accepted
6 Oct 2014 David Blevins, representing Tomitribe Yes Yes Accepted
30 Oct 2014 Werner Keil Yes Yes Accepted
3 Dec 2014 Matthew White, representing IBM Yes Yes Accepted
8 Dec 2014 Chris Barrow, representing Kaazing Corporation Yes Yes Accepted
1 Sept 2015 Ivar Grimstad Yes Yes Accepted

Transparency requirements

These nominations are recorded here in order to comply with the transparency requirements of version 2.9 of the Java Community Process.

Section 1.2.1 “Expert group composition” states:

There is no size limit on the Expert Group. The Spec Lead may add additional Experts at any time so long as existing EG members are consulted. New members may be added, for example, to increase diversity of opinion.

Any JCP Member, Member Representative, or Member Associate may request to join an Expert Group at any time by submitting their nomination via the online form provided on the JSR Page. Member Associates, since they are not covered by the JSPA of their organization, must sign the JSPA in their own right before they will be permitted to join an Expert Group.

Details of such requests, including the organizational affiliation of the requester, together with the Spec Lead’s official response, substantive deliberations within the EG about the matter, and any other official decisions related to EG membership must be published through the EG’s public communication channel. The PMO will ensure that the JSR Page lists the Members who are members of the EG together with the names of individual Member Representatives or Member Associates where appropriate.