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Other Migrated Projects

The following project links are unrelated to Java EE, were formerly at For information about these projects, please check for contact details associated with these project pages.

Archived projects

The following projects are archived. If you have an interest in any of these projects or technologies, please contact us through through our discussion list at glassfish at javaee dot groups dot io (you must be a member of javaee dot groups dot io to post messages)

ajax atmosphere avatar avatar-js
certadmin embedded-glassfish facelets fi-interop
fuji gf-cdi-porting-tck gf-maven-plugin  
gf-repo gf-tooling glassfish-repo glassfish-scripting
grizzly-servlet-container hj3 hk2-gradle-plugin http-client
hypercompass hyperjaxb3 hyperubl japex
javaserverfaces-sources javaserverfaces-spec-eg    
java-state-managemen java-state-mgmt-ri jaxb2-reflection jaxb2-sources
jaxb-architecture-document jaxbhelp jaxb-tck jaxp
jaxp-sources jax-rpc-sources jax-rpc-tck jax-ws-sources
jmaki-charting jmaki-ext jmaki-store jmaki-webtop
jms-ws-transport jpa jsf-metadata-spec-experts jsf-metadata-spec-public
jsr142-public jsr144-private jsr144-public jsr224
jsr-227-eg jsr-309 keychain live
lrwpinjava maven2-repository maven-javanet-plugin maven-jaxb1-plugin
maven-repository maven-repository-importer metroplugineclipse msv
nobis ogc opendatasync opendmk
open-esb openinstaller petstore phobos
relax-ng relaxngcc rngom sailfin
sailfin-café sailfin-samples sailfin-v3 sark
servlet servlet-spec-public sipservlet-spec sjsxp
stax-utils tiger-types txw updatecenter
updatecenter2 wagon websocket-sdk widgets
winsw wiseman wsit-docs xsom