Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 8
The Java EE Tutorial

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Building and Running Java Message Service Examples

The examples are in the tut-install/examples/jms/ directory.

To build and run each example:

  1. Use NetBeans IDE or Maven to compile, package, and in some cases deploy the example.

  2. Use NetBeans IDE, Maven, or the appclient command to run the application client, or use the browser to run the web application examples.

Before you deploy or run the examples, you need to create resources for them. Some examples have a glassfish-resources.xml file that is used to create resources for that example and others. You can use the asadmin command to create the resources.

To use the asadmin and appclient commands, you need to put the GlassFish Server bin directories in your command path, as described in SDK Installation Tips.

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