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Monitoring Events on the Client

To monitor ongoing Ajax requests, use the onevent attribute of the f:ajax tag. The value of this attribute is the name of a JavaScript function. JavaServer Faces calls the onevent function at each stage of the processing of an Ajax request: begin, complete, and success.

When calling the JavaScript function assigned to the onevent property, JavaServer Faces passes a data object to it. The data object contains the properties listed in Table 13-3.

Table 13-3 Properties of the onevent Data Object




The response to the Ajax call in XML format


The response to the Ajax call in text format


The response to the Ajax call in numeric code


The source of the current Ajax event: the DOM element


The status of the current Ajax call: begin, complete, or success


The type of the Ajax call: event

By using the status property of the data object, you can identify the current status of the Ajax request and monitor its progress. In the following example, monitormyajaxevent is a JavaScript function that monitors the Ajax request sent by the event:

<f:ajax event="click" render="statusmessage" onevent="monitormyajaxevent"/>

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