Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 8
The Java EE Tutorial

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GlassFish Server Tools

GlassFish Server is a compliant implementation of the Java EE platform. In addition to supporting all the APIs described in the previous sections, GlassFish Server includes a number of Java EE tools that are not part of the Java EE platform but are provided as a convenience to the developer.

This section briefly summarizes the tools that make up GlassFish Server. Instructions for starting and stopping GlassFish Server, starting the Administration Console, and starting and stopping Apache Derby are in Chapter 2, "Using the Tutorial Examples".

GlassFish Server contains the tools listed in Table 1-1. Basic usage information for many of the tools appears throughout the tutorial. For detailed information, see the online help in the GUI tools.

Table 1-1 GlassFish Server Tools



Administration Console

A web-based GUI GlassFish Server administration utility. Used to stop GlassFish Server and to manage users, resources, and applications.


A command-line GlassFish Server administration utility. Used to start and stop GlassFish Server and to manage users, resources, and applications.


A command-line tool that launches the application client container and invokes the client application packaged in the application client JAR file.


A command-line tool to extract schema information from a database, producing a schema file that GlassFish Server can use for container-managed persistence.


A command-line tool to package the application client container libraries and JAR files.

Apache Derby

A copy of Apache Derby database.


A command-line tool to transform, or bind, a source XML schema to a set of JAXB content classes in the Java programming language.


A command-line tool to create a schema file for each namespace referenced in your Java classes.


A command-line tool to generate JAX-WS portable artifacts for a given WSDL file. After generation, these artifacts can be packaged in a WAR file with the WSDL and schema documents, along with the endpoint implementation, and then deployed.


A command-line tool to read a web service endpoint class and generate all the required JAX-WS portable artifacts for web service deployment and invocation.

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