Java EE Tutorial

Java EE Tutorial Project

Documentation Pull Request Acceptance Workflow


To contribute to the documentation, you first need to sign the Oracle Contributor Agreement. When filling the OCA make sure to include your GitHub username. If you signed the OCA previously and your GitHub username wasn’t included, just ping David Delabassee to fix this. Once your OCA has been approved, you’ll be able to work directly with the respective project/module owners or reviewers to get your Pull Request reviewed and approved. The OCA process doesn’t apply to Oracle employees.

One Time Setup

  • Fork the tutorial repository.
  • Clone your forked repository.
    $ git clone
  • Configure the remote for your fork.
    $ git remote add upstream
    $ git remote -v
    origin (fetch)
    origin (push)
    upstream (fetch)
    upstream (push)

    Raising a Pull Request

  • Sync the master of your fork with upstream master.
    $ git fetch upstream
    $ git checkout master
    $ git merge upstream/master
    $ git push origin master #push local master to github fork.
  • Create a local topic branch in your fork from your master.
    $ git checkout -b doc_update
  • Do the development in your branch.
  • Commit all the changes.
    $ git add src/main/jbake/content/my.adoc
    $ git commit -m "my commit message"
  • Push your changes in a remote branch of your fork.
     $ git push origin doc_update
  • Before raising a Pull Request, please raise an issue if it doesn’t exist. We would like every Pull Request to be associated with an issue. Submit the Pull Request referring to the issue number.
  • Raise a Pull Request.
  • Make sure you put a proper ‘title’ for the Pull Request. The title of the Pull Request would become the commit message. Instead of giving ‘title’ like “Iss xxxx” or “Fixes #xxxxx”, consider giving a proper one line ‘title’ for the Pull Request like “Fixes xxx : <brief description about the issue/fix>”
  • In the Pull Request description (body), please mention “Fixes #xxxxx” in order to link the Pull Request with the Issue you are fixing.
  • If you have signed the OCA, one of the GlassFish team members will review your Pull Request. If you have not signed an OCA, see Prerequisite.