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Creating Resources Administratively

Before you deploy or run many applications, you may need to create resources for them. An application can include a glassfish-resources.xml file that can be used to define resources for that application and others. You can then use the asadmin command, specifying as the argument a file named glassfish-resources.xml, to create the resources administratively, as shown.

asadmin add-resources glassfish-resources.xml

The glassfish-resources.xml file can be created in any project using NetBeans IDE or by hand. Some of the JMS examples use this approach to resource creation. A file for creating the resources needed for the JMS simple producer example can be found in the jms/simple/producer/src/main/setup directory.

You could also use the asadmin create-jms-resource command to create the resources for this example. When you are done using the resources, you would use the asadmin list-jms-resources command to display their names, and the asadmin delete-jms-resource command to remove them, regardless of the way you created the resources.

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