Writing scalable server applications in the Java™ programming language has always been difficult. Before the advent of the Java New I/O API (NIO), thread management issues made it impossible for a server to scale to thousands of users. The Grizzly NIO framework has been designed to help developers to take advantage of the Java™ NIO API.

Our hope is to help developers to build scalable and robust servers using NIO and we are also offering extended framework components such as:

  • HTTP Protocol framework for creating custom HTTP applications

  • HTTP Server framework which offers high level abstractions to the HTTP protocol (not unlike Servlets)

System Requirements

The system requirements for Grizzly 2.3 are quite simple. Basically, Grizzly is able to run on any platform that JDK 1.8 is available on.

Source code

Grizzly source may be viewed online on the GitHub git repository.

Where to Get Help

The best resource is the project issue tracker. If you find a bug with Grizzly, or have recommendations on how to improve Grizzly, this is the place to do it.

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