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queueEvent(MailEvent, Vector<? extends EventListener>) - Method in class javax.mail.Service
Add the event and vector of listeners to the queue to be delivered.
Quota - Class in javax.mail
This class represents a set of quotas for a given quota root.
Quota(String) - Constructor for class javax.mail.Quota
Create a Quota object for the named quotaroot with no associated resources.
Quota.Resource - Class in javax.mail
An individual resource in a quota root.
QuotaAwareStore - Interface in javax.mail
An interface implemented by Stores that support quotas.
quotaRoot - Variable in class javax.mail.Quota
The name of the quota root.
quote(String, String) - Static method in class javax.mail.internet.MimeUtility
A utility method to quote a word, if the word contains any characters from the specified 'specials' list.
QUOTEDSTRING - Static variable in class javax.mail.internet.HeaderTokenizer.Token
Token type indicating a quoted string.
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