Mojarra 2.0.4 Release Notes

Specification Version: 2.0
Implementation Version: 2.0.4

This document contains information about the JSF Community.

Mojarra project at
Join the Mojarra Community on! This community is the ideal place for people interested in JSF to share their ideas and ask each other questions.
Mailing List
This mailing list is used for discussions/questions related to Mojarra/JSF usage, plugin development, and etc.
Frequently Asked Questions
We collect questions that are asked often and their answers. Since this FAQ is a WIKI, we invite you to participate.
User Support Forum
While we prefer mailing list-based user support, we do have a web forum where you can ask questions. When posting, please include information such as your container, implementation version, platform, etc.
Issue Tracker
If you find any bug in the Mojarra JSF implementation, please file it as a bug in the issue tracker. A test case would be greatly appreciated.
Use this alias for feedback about the JavaServer Faces Specification and API documentation