JMS (Java Message Service) Specification

JMS 2.1

In August 2014, Oracle proposed the development of JMS 2.1, and submitted JSR 368 in accordance with the Java Community Process. It was intended that JMS 2.1 would form part of java EE 8.

An expert group was formed which worked for most of 2015. The specification lead was Nigel Deakin.

In October 2015 an Early Draft was published for public review. This included a new chapter on flexible JMS message-driven beans. Work continued and the proposed improvements to JMS message-driven beans were further refined and improved.

In early 2016 Oracle announced that it was re-assessing its priorities and work on developing JMS 2.1 halted. In November 2016 Oracle formally proposed that the JSR be withdrawn.

Oracle confirmed that JMS would remain part of Java EE 8, but the existing version JMS 2.0 would be used rather than a new version 2.1.

This page contains historical information about JMS 2.1, including the most recent version of the proposals for improving JMS MDBs.

Historical information about JMS 2.1

JMS 2.1 schedule

This is a historical record of the JMS 2.1 schedule before work on JMS 2.1 ceased and JSR 386 was withdrawn

Stage Initial plan
(Sep 2014)
Current plan
(updated 11 Jun 2015)
JSR approval Sep 2014   Sep 2014
Expert group formation Q3 (Sep) 2014   Dec 2014
Early draft review 1     Oct 2015
Early draft review 2 Q1 (Mar) 2015 Q4 (Dec) 2015  
Public Review Q3 (Sep) 2015 Q1 (Mar) 2016  
Proposed Final Draft Q4 (Dec) 2015 Q3 (Sep) 2016  
Final release Q3 (Sep) 2016 H1 (Jun) 2017  

This was based in the schedule for the Java EE platform at the time.