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Getting Started with Metro

This series of articles will familiarize developers with the basics of Metro and introduce some of its main features.

Table of Contents

Building a Simple Metro Application

The intent of this article is to demonstrate the steps required to build a web service starting both from Java code and from a WSDL document, to deploy that application into a web container, and to build a corresponding web service client application. In this example, the resulting application is portable across JAX-WS 2.0 implementations and do not use any Metro-specific technologies. It is intended as a baseline from which to develop your understanding of the larger Metro stack.
Enabling Advanced Features in a Web Service Application

This article highlights the steps required to enable Metro-specific advanced functionalities in a web service and its corresponding client application. As with the previous article, two accompanying code samples are included. Again, one starts from Java source code and the other from an existing WSDL document to develop their respective web services. However, this article and its code samples show how WS-Policy can used to enable WS-Addressing and WS-Reliable Messaging in the web services and their clients.