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redirect(String) - Method in interface
Sets the response status to SC_FOUND 302 (Found)
redirect(String) - Method in class
rememberMe(boolean) - Method in class
Signals that for this call to the authentication mechanism "remember me" should be applied, IFF the "remember me" feature is configured for the authentication mechanism responding to the authenticate call.
RememberMe - Annotation Type in
The RememberMe annotation provides an application the ability to declarative designate that an AuthenticationMechanism effectively "remembers" the authentication and auto applies this with every request.
RememberMeCredential - Class in
RememberMeCredential represents a credential presented as a token, for the explicit usage with the JSR 375 provided remember me function.
RememberMeCredential(String) - Constructor for class
RememberMeIdentityStore - Interface in
RememberMeIdentityStore is a mechanism for validating a caller's credentials and accessing a caller's identity attributes that's specifically tailored for the "remember me" feature.
removeLoginToken(String) - Method in interface
Dissociates the principal and groups that were associated with the token before and removes the token itself.
responseNotFound() - Method in interface
Sets the response status to 404 (not found).
responseNotFound() - Method in class
responseUnauthorized() - Method in interface
Sets the response status to 401 (unauthorized).
responseUnauthorized() - Method in class
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