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secureResponse(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, HttpMessageContext) - Method in interface
Secure the response, optionally.
SecurityContext - Interface in
The SecurityContext provides an access point for programmatic security; an injectable type that is intended to be used by application code to query and interact with the Java EE Security API.
setCleared() - Method in class
Specifies that the credential value has been securely cleared.
setCredential(Credential) - Method in class
Sets the credential as parameter in this instance.
setNewAuthentication(boolean) - Method in class
Sets whether a new authentication dialog is required.
setRegisterSession(String, Set<String>) - Method in interface
Asks the runtime to register an authentication session.
setRegisterSession(String, Set<String>) - Method in class
setRememberMe(boolean) - Method in class
Sets whether "remember me" should be used.
setRequest(HttpServletRequest) - Method in interface
Sets the request object.
setRequest(HttpServletRequest) - Method in class
setResponse(HttpServletResponse) - Method in interface
Set the response object.
setResponse(HttpServletResponse) - Method in class
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